Data Analytics

Implementing a training programme is hard, but how do you know it’s been received in the way you intended?

saVRee uses quizzes to test user understanding and comprehension. They’re useful to make sure employees understand specific concepts. They can also reinforce these concepts automatically at scheduled intervals (e.g. annually).

saVRee also has a selection of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each user. This includes data on: session duration, viewed 3D models, quiz scores, video watch time and many more. All data is packaged in CSV format, which you can open in Excel or import into a database. This allows you to monitor how well your training programmes are working.

Even more beneficially, you can combine saVRee’s data with other corporate departmental data. To take some examples, this can aid your corporation’s:

  • Asset Management – you can use saVRee’s monitoring tools to ascertain if training upon a certain machine increases its useful working life. You might discover that better trained employees can extend a electrical transformer’s working life from 20 to 25 years. This is a considerable cost-saving benefit.
  • Risk Management – are business interruption losses related to poor training? After a large loss, normally a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is conducted to identify the cause. Can you link the RCA’s findings to a lack of training? If so, will additional focused training reduce these losses in the future? Perhaps a custom saVRee focused training programme could help reduce business interruption and property damage?
  • Safety – accidents are often linked to human error, a lack of training, or poor awareness of present dangers. Can you identify areas where safety awareness is poor using saVRee? If one site is experiencing an above average number of accidents, can you compare that plant’s and other plants’ training records to identify discrepancies?