Training Services

Industrial Processes

Industrial processes can be complicated and time consuming to learn. saVRee can reduce this familiarisation time (‘on-boarding’) considerably.

Each production machine is modelled in 3D and then combined with other machinery models into an industrial 3D process. To aid learning, each 3D process often indicates variables such as temperatures, pressures, flow rates, etc.

Users can review entire processes to learn various process steps and their relevance to the end product. They can also ‘drill down’ and inspect each machine within the process. After studying the machines, users can then drill down further to study each major component in the machine.

The interactive interface allows them to follow entire processes, from start to finish, and hence learn how each production machinery item functions. Cross-sections can be viewed to reveal machinery internals. The user can also drill-down to the component level if desired.

All relevant information is displayed in a logical and easy to understand way. Users can display or hide pressures, temperatures, and process data, at the touch of a button. Additional features such as virtual reality, written content, training videos and podcasts, are all integrated into the saVRee user interface.

saVRee’s broad scope and depth accommodates all user learning needs at any level in their career.


Profit and production machinery availability figures (‘up time’) are directly linked. Reduced machinery availability often leads to financial losses. If the machine is critical to the production process then such losses can be significant.

Availability is becoming one of the most important KPIs in industry. As a result, plants are reducing scheduled downtime to maximize profit. Unfortunately, this gives personnel less time to familiarize themselves with constantly in-service machines. The baby-boomer generation will soon retire and so many corporations risk losing the ‘know how’ that originally made them successful.

Instead of rushing ad-hoc training during scheduled outages, personnel can interact with saVRee’s virtual 3D machinery using a standard internet browser or virtual reality glasses. As training can be scheduled, the environment is relaxed and optimal for learning.

Each 3D machine within saVRee takes advantage of several of the following user-interface features:


  • Interactive 3D model (standard for all models) – pan, zoom and rotate 3D machinery models.
  • Assemble/Disassemble – view 3D animations of models being assembled or disassembled. You can pause at any time to inspect the model from any angle or position.
  • Cross-section – click the cross-section button to view the machine’s internal layout.
  • Working animation – watch the machine at work. You can pause the animation at any time to inspect the model from any angle or position.
  • Annotations – points of interest and individual components are labelled for easy understanding.
  • Quizzes – test user learning retention rates using quizzes.
  • Video tutorials – watch our in-house experts interacting with the 3D models and explaining how the machine works.
  • Podcast – play audio while interacting with the 3D models.


One machine can consist of thousands of individual components. Users can explode any of saVRee’s 3D machinery models to view any one of these. All components are modelled in realistically detailed 3D. Users can see the shape, colour and texture of each piece. Hence they can become familiar with a machine’s intricate parts without ever having to disassemble the real item.

Using saVRee, personnel can gain the knowledge they need to reduce unscheduled outages and business interruptions. They can also educate themselves about the industrial process, the production machinery and the components of those machines.